About Us

Set up in August 2015, here at Leisure Realm we try to focus on those of you who enjoy life. Our tagline “Love leisure, love life”, pretty much sums up our take on things. This website is dedicated to all of you who get involved in leisure activities in any way.

We don’t focus on any particular niche. Whether you are an extreme sports or activities person, much like those in the photo above, or simply enjoy your leisure time by relaxing at the beach, pottering around the garden or having family and friends around for a barbecue, there will be something here that will interest you.

There will be lots of blog posts giving ideas and tips about leisure time activities as well as links to the latest and most interesting leisure articles.

If you are interested in shopping for sporting products or the latest trendy must-have leisure requirements and gadgets, then you can visit our shop here. Some of what we sell is our own brand and in the main we make use of Amazon to help with fulfillment. We have been very pleased with our customer reactions to the service Amazon provides and we shall continue to use them with our shop items into the future.

Everyone seems to be working harder than ever these days and the old saying of “Work hard, play hard” seems to be more applicable than ever before.

Live your life to the full and enjoy your leisure time.

Andy Lunt: Founder of Leisure Realm Ltd